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For pleasure

In everyday life I am a business woman with a busy schedule. Entrepreneur, go-getter and somewhat hyperactive, I am full of energy and enjoy thrilling sports and activities. I am inherently open-minded and curious. I love to travel and discover new cultures. An epicurean at heart, I enjoy tasting a wine and a meal in good company.

It is by choice and not by necessity that I offer my services as a courtesan. I want to explore and live new intimate and sensory experiences. I want to surrender to your desires and be your object of pleasure. I love the adrenaline rush that comes with these forbidden encounters. Submitted to bed, I wish to be your toy and submit to your carnal desires. I am drawn to anything kinky. I own a lot of toys and I am very open to domination and submission games. Hope to meet you,

Cassiopée xox

Âge:Late thirties
Weight:109 pounds
Breast:34B natural
Hair:very long curly browns
Tatoos:a few
Language:french, functionnal english